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QuoVadis Trust/Link Extenders

QuoVadis Trust/Link Extenders facilitate the integration of the QuoVadis Managed PKI into underlying software solutions used by our enterprise customers.

QuoVadis Trust/Link Enterprise Web Service
SOAP web service allowing customer-provided applications to act as a front end, securely passing certificate requests to the Trust/Link Managed PKI for approval and processing. Learn More

QuoVadis Windows Autoenroll Extender
Allows customers to leverage their investment in Microsoft Windows and Active Directory for autoenroll of digital certificates while using QuoVadis' Trust/Link Managed PKI.  Learn More

QuoVadis Trust/Link BYOD Extender
Allows autoenrolment of digital certificates using SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) for Mobile Device Management solutions. Learn More

QuoVadis Trust/LinkSecure Mail Gateway Extender
Allows autoenrolment of digital certificates using CMP (Certificate Management Protocol) and CMC (Certificate Management over CMS). Learn More

QuoVadis Trust/Link Smartcard Enrolment Extender
Facilitates the large-scale rollout of smartcards as part of eID programmes, providing a simple wizard for users to setup their smartcard, create keypairs, and install multiple digital certificates in one simple operation. Learn More