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QuoVadis Code Signing Certificates

Diese Software wurde nicht signiert. Der Herausgeber ist unbekannt. Können Sie dieser Software vertrauen?How do your users react when they encounter the message “The Publisher could not be verified? Would you like to install the software anyway?”

Software may get injected with malware or even get replaced by similar looking but malicious software. When the user initiates the application, the embedded malware automatically starts to causing damage and monetary loss. Finally, the user loses trust in the software publisher.

QuoVadis code signing helps create trust Code signing certificates can be seen when software is installed, identifying the supplier of the software. The display of the software publisher along with validation of the certificate are testable security features for the user. Integrity protection, provided by the digital signature, protects against any unauthorised changes in the application.

Integrity protection and testable security are two quality characteristics which can be advertised by the publisher of software.  “Signed software serves your security. Never use unsigned software!” Diese Software wurde von FIVE Informatik AG signiert. Sicher und vertrauenswürdig.

Where can Code Signing be used? 

  • locally installed programs 
  • Visual Basic code (e.g. in Office macros) 
  • ActiveX Web-Applications 
  • Java software and Java applets. 

For the issuance, a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) must be created on the server. CSR instructions may be found here.
The standard term of the certificate is 3 years.

The issuance of this certificate requires the following documents:

  • completed and signed application form
  • copy of passport or ID of authorised signatories
  • copy of current company registration document