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QuoVadis Device Certificate ElDI-V/GeBüV

The QuoVadis Device Certificate ElDI-V/GeBüV is issued to organisations (companies, municipalities, etc.) and issued primarily to digitally sign electronic invoices. The certificates may also be used for commercial purposes (such as legally-compliant electronic archiving according to GeBüV).

The Device Certificate ElDI-V and GeBüV meets the requirements of the regulation of the Federal Department of Finance for electronically transmitted data and information (ElDI SR-V 641.201.1) and the technical and administrative regulations of the Federal Tax Administration. more

The main purpose is the digital signing of electronic invoices and the archiving of commercial documents. As the GeBüV regulation does not explicitly dictate this mode of digital signing, we recommend to also use the ElDI-V certificate to comply with GeBüV-compliant archiving and revision.

This is particularly relevant for VAT related documents. For more information, visit the website of the Federal Tax Administration.

The electronic certificate and the corresponding private key must be stored on a certified Secure Signature Creation Device (Token or Hardware Secure Module HSM).

These certificates may only be issued by QuoVadis Registration Authorities (RAs) based on recognised know-your-client standards. Registration requires the personal appearance of the Certificate Holder at an individual identity verification point (local government/municipality, SBB Change/Western Union "SBB customer identification", Swiss Post "Yellow Identification", notary's office, QuoVadis St. Gallen) and the certification of the application form by the identity verification point. The standard term of the certificate is 3 years.

The issuance of the certificate requires the following documents:

  • completed and signed application form
  • copy of passport or ID per authorised signatory
  • copy of currente company registration document 
  • identity verification/confirmation (application form page 3) 

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