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QuoVadis SSL Certificates

SSL certificates from a trusted provider are used to enable secure communication between Internet users and websites.

QuoVadis offers a variety of SSL certificates.

SSL certificate type

Business SSL Business

Green address bar
Internet Explorer 7: Die Anzeige der URL Leiste färbt sich grün
When encountering a valid EV SSL certificate, the browsers address bar turns green.

Testable security
Dieses EVSSL Zertifikat wurde ausgestellt für die PrivaSphere AG SchweizDiese Webseite wurde identifiziert von QuoVadis Root CA 2
Certificate issuer and certificate holder are shown in the browser.

Extended validation of the company
Additional validation by QuoVadis of legal and operational existence.

Verified legal opinion
Co-Signing of the application form by an independent party
(auditing agency, legal department, board of administration).

Valid for multiple domains
The certificate can be used for up to 8 different domains
in a SharePoint environment.

Validation of domain and applicant
QuoVadis validates the applying company for its legal existence.

Validation of applying company
QuoVadis validates the applying company for its legal existence.

QuoVadis certificates are compatible with most operating systems,
browsers and handhelds.

QuoVadis charges all provided certificates by bill. No credit card required.

Delivery time
If requested, QuoVadis SSL certificates can be delivered in just one business day,
at no additional cost.

Certificate validity according to customer preference.

3 years 3 years 2 years